Watch the recording – 2021 Finger Lakes and Western Regional Conference: Saturday October 23rd

The NYSFOLA Executive Director hit the record button a little bit late (sorry) so the opening remarks and the first couple of Dr. Rahm’s slides are missing, but otherwise, we hope you enjoy watching the recording of this recent regional conference: Passcode: Yd$4pukR


  1. Opening remarks
  2. Identifying and Addressing Critical Issues for New York’s Lakes” – Dr. Brian G. Rahm, Director, NYS Water Resources Institute, Cornell University. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact and discuss critical issues on their lakes, and Dr. Rahm will describe the role of the Water Resources Institute in addressing these issues.
  3. The Why, What, and How of Lake Aeration” – Join Dr. Steven Souza, Owner, Clean Waters Consulting, LLC as he discusses how stratification and sediment oxygen demand impact lake water quality; how aeration is used to improve conditions; as well as a synopsis of the types of aeration techniques, their uses, and case studies

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