DEC Issues 2017 Finger Lakes Water Quality Report

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Finger Lakes Watershed Hub has released its 2017 Finger Lakes Water Quality Report: Summary of Historic Finger Lakes Data and the 2017 Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (NYSDEC) Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program’s (CSLAP’s) expansion into the Finger Lakes was made possible by funding from the NYS Environmental Protection Fund-Ocean and Great Lakes Program. This funding allowed 22 sites on the 11 Finger Lakes to be added to the program in the spring of 2017. Although many of the Finger Lakes had participated in CSLAP historically, this represented the first time all 11 Finger Lakes were part of CSLAP during the same field season. This incredible opportunity allowed NYSDEC to: (1) collect critical water quality data on these important natural resources, (2) assess contemporary water quality in the Finger Lakes in the context of recent and continuing water quality concerns, (3) make comparisons of the water quality between the lakes in 2017, and (4) make preliminary trend determinations for individual lakes over time.” 

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