NY iMAPInvasives 3.0

NY iMAPInvasives is set to launch iMAP 3.0! Here’s the latest information from https://www.nyimapinvasives.org/imap-3-0

Since its launch in 2010, iMapInvasives has provided users with powerful data management tool for invasive species work.   The next generation of iMapInvasives will be launching in April 2019.  The new system will be an online cloud-based invasive species management system to continue to assist natural resource professionals and citizen scientists against the threat of invasive species.

With iMapInvasives 3.0, you will be able to:

  • Map and share invasive species locations, surveys, and treatments from many data sources
  • Work collaboratively using specialized tools to make informed management decisions
  • Stay informed with customized e-mail alerts and GIS-based reports
  • Prioritize management actions with standardized information

Over the next few weeks, existing iMapInvasive account holders will receive email messages updating them on the progress of the migration to the new mapping system.  These messages will also include any actions they need to take to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

You can also read the March 2019 edition of the NY iMapInvasives newsletter here: https://www.nyimapinvasives.org/newsletters?fbclid=IwAR0ARoG-aoz6HY_SWdYJPe81xi_8Vvia1eQDe-fqV9DABurjDHtRgDUbN0g

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