NYS Legislature Bills to Continue AIS Protections

Make your voice heard today!  Extend DEC’s authority


TITLE OF BILL:  An act to amend chapter 330 of the laws of 2014,
amending the environmental conservation law relating to aquatic invasive
species, spread prevention, and penalties, in relation to the effective-
ness thereof


The purpose of this bill is to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive
species by prohibiting the launching of watercraft or floating docks
without taking reasonable precautions to remove visible plant or animal
matter by washing, draining and drying.

Section 1 of this bill would amend § 9-1710 and § 71-0703 of the Envi-
ronmental Conservation Law (ECL) to extend, until June 1, 2024, DEC's
authority to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.
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