Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plans

New York State Invasive Species Comprehensive Management Plan – NYS DEC (2018)

A Primer on Aquatic Plant Management – NYS DEC (2005)

Chapter 6: Diet for a Small Lake – Aquatic Plants: Not Just Weeds

Adirondack Park Aquatic Nuisance Species Management Plan (2005) 

Black Lake Eurasian Watermilfoil Management Plan – Quantitative Environmental Analysis, Inc.  (2008)

An Action Plan for the Long Term Management of Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation in Cossayuna Lake – The LA Group, PC (2001)

Lake George Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Plan and Generic Environmental Impact Statement – Lake George Park Commission (2013)

Schroon Lake Comprehensive Aquatic Plant Survey and Management Plan – Lycott Environmental Inc. (2011)

Truesdale Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan –  Allied Biological, Inc. (2005)