Dam Safety

Complying With NYS Dam Safety Regulations

If your lake has a dam, it’s important to know who owns it and who is responsible for maintaining it.  The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Bureau of Flood Protection and Dam Safety is charged with ensuring the integrity of the state’s dams to protect lives and property.  Their website has lots of useful information, and you can also contact them at (518)-402-8185

New York State Dams Inventory

The DEC has a Virtual Globe dataset that depicts the location of dams in the New York State Inventory of Dams. While the DEC tries to maintain an accurate inventory, this data should not be relied upon for emergency response decision-making. DEC recommends that critical data, including dam location and hazard classification, be verified in the field. The presence or absence of a dam in this inventory does not indicate its regulatory status. Any corrections to the inventory should be submitted to the Department’s Dam Safety Section with supporting information.

Additional Resources

Association of State Dam Safety Officials

Former NYSFOLA Board member Bob Rosati inspects the Melody Lake Dam in Willet