Past Conferences

Selected Presentations from Past Conferences

2022 Conference – Maximizing Your Lake Data

Conference Program

  • 2021 Reports, Trends, Highlights, Changes.  Any Questions?  Stephanie June and Rebecca Gorney, NYSDEC
  • Updates to the Sampling Protocol and Bottles – Nancy Mueller, NYSFOLA
  • Using the New DEC Online Field Data Entry and HABs Reporting – Rebecca Gorney, NYS DEC

Note:  Relevant CSLAP information can be found here

2021 Conference – Freshwater Ecosystems:  Learning to Coexist

Conference Program

2020 (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

2019 Conference – Empowering Lake Associations in Challenging Times

Aquatic Invasive Species in New York

Lake Management Tools and Strategies

  • Reducing In-Lake Sediment and Nutrient Loads – A Cost Effective Alternative to Dredging: David Shackleton | Clean-Flo International
  • Proactive Management of HABs Using In-Lake Phosphorus Inactivation Technologies: Dominic Meringolo | SOLitude Lake Management
  • Impacts of Carp on Water Quality: Dr. Stephen Souza | Clean Waters Consulting, LLC

Water Quality and HABs in the Finger Lakes

NYS Dam Safety Updates

  • New York’s Dam Safety: Then and Now:  Alon Dominitz, PE | NYSDEC
  • Bringing NYS Dams into Compliance:  Hans Hasnay, PE | WSP USA
  • Beaver Dam Lake Dam Rehabilitation: A History Larry Rossini | Beaver Dam Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District

Aquatic Invasive Species in New York

Harmful Algal Blooms

Empowering Lake Associations In Challenging Times

Land Conservation and Restoration

  • Want to preserve the water? Then get on the land! – A layman’s guide to how land practices affect water quality: Chris Mikolajczyk | Princeton Hydro, LLC
  • Restoring the Honeoye Lake Inlet:  Megan Webster | Ontario County Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Protecting the Land that Protects the Lake – from Conservation to Stewardship: Sarah Hoffman | Lake George Land Conservancy
  • Project WHIRL (Protectors of Water and Habitat on the Indian River Lakes: Wylie Huffman | Indian River Lakes Conservancy
  • Protecting Chautauqua Lake’s Watershed: Jane Conroe | Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy

Lake Management  Planning and Implementation

Our Changing Watersheds

CSLAP Training

Aquatic Plant ID Workshop

Stormwater Management and Nutrient Reduction

Water Quality Issues

A Potpourri of Lake Management Topics

  • Adirondack AIS Spread Prevention Program: Boat Inspections, Vectors, Pathways, and People:  Dr. Eric Holmlund, Adirondack Watershed Institute
  • Let’s Get to the Bottom of Bathymetric Maps: Kendra Kilson ** | SUNY Oneonta
  • Effects on Sediment Quality After Long Term Copper Sulfate Use:  Amanda Setteducate ** | SUNY Oneonta

2018 Conference – Protecting Lakes for 35 Years

Water Quality Monitoring

Aquatic Invasive Species Management

Lake Ecology – Beyond Aquatic Plants 

Harmful Algal Blooms

Citizen Scientists – Stewards for NY Lakes

Hydrilla: You Need to Know this Plant!

Lake Association Management

Nutrient Loading
Emergency Preparedness
Onsite Waste Water Issues
Managing our Lakes and Watersheds
Protecting Lake George

2017 Conference – Lake Ecology and Human Impacts

Board Basics – Carrie Pollak

Gone Fishing

Dam Safety in NY

Watershed Management

Citizen Science

Project, Permits, and Problems


Lower Hudson Lakes Conference 2016

2015 Conference – “Celebrating Citizen Science”


CSLAP – not just an acronym – Scott Kishbaugh, NYSDEC
Making Sense of CSLAP reports – Scott Kishbaugh, NYSDEC
What did we learn in 2014? – Scott Kishbaugh, NYSDEC
Harmful algal Blooms: Blue Green Stuff – Dr. Gregory Boyer, SUNY ESF
What’s new in the 2014 CSLAP Reports – Janet Andersen
Biomonitoring and CSLAP – AJ Smith
Priority Waterbody List and CSLAP – Jeff Morris & Sarah Rickard
Online Data Entry – Lou Feeney
CSLAP Wrap Up and Thanks – Scott Kishbaugh
Watercraft Inspection Steward Program Workshop

Legislation and Regulations
AIS: Indetification, Impact, Prevention, and Control
How to start a Watercraft INspection Program
Current Program Models
What Anglers and Boaters Know and Still Need to Hear
Standardized Watercraft Inspection Data Collection
Open Datakit as an Online Database Storage Option
Diet for a Small Lake

New 2015 Lake Law for Lake Associations

Invasive Plants – Monitoring and Management

Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring in NY

An introduction to harmful algal blooms – Dr. Gregory Boyer
What we’ve learned about HABS in NYS – Scott Kishbaugh
HABS Surveillance Monitoring – The Honeoye Example – Scott Kishbauh & Teryl Gronwall
HABS Monitoring – Test Kits or Lab Data – Dr. Gregory Boyer
Lake Management Plans for NYSFOLA Lakes

A Potpourri of Lake Related Issues

Dam Safety

Sustainability and Your Lake Association

Sustainable Management to Buffer Impacts of Climate Change – Rebecca Schneider
Protecting Drinking Water via pesticide regulation – Steve Pacenka
Saving our lakes one home at a time – Nicole Cadwell

2014 Conference – “Celebrating Lake Stewardship”

Invasive Species

Invasive Species in NYS – Moving the Transport Law Forward and New Regulatory Incentives – Leslie Supenant
Political Action for an Invasive Species Transport Bill – Peter Bauer
Why we Need This – The Finger Lakes Boat Steward Program – Dr. Lisa Cleckner
A Researcher’s Perspective – The Challenge of Controlling Zebra Mussels – Dan Molloy
Fragment Viability and Rootlet Formation In Eurasian Watermilfoil after Desiccation – Dr. Celia Evans
The Black List: Where the bad plants are found: Scott Kishbaugh
Lake Owner Rights and Floating Objects – Richard Stafanski
Dam Safety in NYS – How are we doing?

Complying wtih Dam Safety Regulations: The Sleepy Hollow Lake Story – Laurel Mann
Case Studies in Hazard Class Reductions – Gregory Daviero
Small is Beautiful? State of Dams and Management Implications for the Future – Sri Vedachalam, Cornell University Water Resources Institute
Diet for a Small Lake: An Introduction to Lake Ecology and Lake Management

Diet for a Small Lake: An Introduction to Lake Ecology and Lake Management – Dr. Willard Harman and the SUNY Oneonta Biological Field Station staff.
Lake and Watershed Management Toolbox

The Role of Wetlands in Reducing Pollutant Loading to Lakes: Dr. Fred Lubnow, Princeton Hydro, LLC
Aeration: A Key Tool in Aquatic System Restoration and Management, Patric Goodwin, Aquatic Systems, Inc.
Utilizing GIS for Watershed Protection and Management, Robert Brower, CEO, Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology
iMap Invasives Workshop/Training –
Managing our Lake Resources: Policy and Action for Lake Stewards
New York’s 100,000 gpd Water Withdrawal Regulations: Just Red Tape? Or a Real Safeguard to NY Lakes? Dr. Rebecca Schneider, NYSFOLA BOD, Cornell University Dept. of Natural Resources
Lake George Shoreline Protection Program: Protective Water Quality at the Edge – Kristen Rohne, Lake George Association

2013 Conference – “Managing Lakes in a Changing World”

Homeowner Education Workshops on Wastewater Management in Two Lakeshore Communities -by Amy Galford, Extension Associate-Water Quality, Cornell University.
Managing Eurasian Watermilfoil at Tuxedo Lake, NY – by Chris Doyle, Allied Biological Inc.
Melody Lake Dan Repairs – by Bob Rosati, Melody Lake and FOLA director

2012 Conference – “After the Storm”

Hydrology of Tropical Storms Irene & Lee – by Britt E. Westergard, National Weather Service, Albany, NY.
Dealing with Climate Change: a Recipe for Lemonade – by Rebecca Schneider, NYSFOLA Board of Directors, Cornell University Department of Natural Resources
Emergency Preparedness at Your Lake- by Theresa Mayhew, NYSFOLA Board of Directors, Cornell Cooperative Extension in Columbia County
Why Prepare? – Extension Disaster Network
Make a Plan – Extension Disaster Network
Get a Kit – Extension Disaster Network
Be Informed and Get Involved – Extenstion Disaster Network
Topics in Lake Management

Using Mapping Techniques to Support Lake Management Activities – by Chris Doyle, Allied Biological, Inc.
Looking at Watershed Planning from Both Sides of the Table – by Don Kretchmer, AECOM, Wentworth Lake Association, NH
Combatting Aquatic Invasive Species in NYS

Brazilian Elodea Eradication Program on Lake Waccabuc – Janet Andersen, NYSFOLA Board of Directors, Three Lakes Council
Combatting Hydrilla in Cayuga Inlet – Angel Dybas, Tompkins County Soil & Water Conservation District
CSLAP – Whats New for 2012?

What We’ve Learned from CSLAP Through 2011 – Scott Kishbaugh, NYS DEC
Protocol Update: Keeping Nancy, Scott, and the Folks at UFI Happy!
CSLAP ( and Other Great Stuff) Now on the DEC Web Site – This is a link directly to the CSLAP page on DEC’s website rather than to the references Scott made to it in his talk.