Here’s a fun way to test your knowledge of the CSLAP process. See how well you do on these quiz questions. Careful – sometimes more than one answer is correct – can you find the best answer?

An interactive form of the quiz is now available on the NYS DEC website. If you take the quiz there, you can tell us that you’ve taken it. We will also look for areas where we can improve our instruction and protocols. Find the quiz here. Other training material is available on the same page.

Choose any of these quiz sections to test your skills. One link has the questions, and the other the answers. No peeking before you choose your final answer!

On Lake Questions and Answers (this section has the most questions!)

Additional Sampling (HABs, Plants) Questions and Answers

On Shore Processing Questions and Answers

Shipping Questions and Answers

Tell us what you think. Your feedback will help us figure out where we need to improve our training, our protocol, or our processes. Thanks!