Hydrilla Identification


hydrilla from Nice Girl Films on Vimeo.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Hydrilla Identification Card

Hydrilla Identification Tip Sheets – CLICK HERE

Hydrilla Hunt Report Form – CLICK HERE

Hydrilla Photos

Photographs that may aid in the discovery and identification of hydrilla are by Jon Reis for NYSFOLA.  Photos may be reprinted or reproduced for further distribution with acknowledgement to the New York State Federation of Lake Associations and Jon Reis, photographer.

Hydrilla – entire plant

Hydrilla – serrated edges up close

Hydrilla – upper portion of plant

Hydrilla’s tubers are distinct to this plant

Other plants that might be mistaken for hydrilla

Brazilian Elodea – also an invasive aquatic plant, report this too!  Common elodea is native.

Naiads can also be confused with Hydrilla